Locking your car keys in the car is an annoying thing to most drivers. This happens every day and it is a nerve racking experience. In cases where you do not have a spare key, there is little you can do at the moment. Even in the modern world where technology has been incorporated in car locks system; people still find themselves locking their keys in the car.

Picture of car keys.
Car Keys

There are several tips on preventing locking your car keys in the car. The tips include:

Always keep your car keys on you

This is the most important rule to drivers. Never leave your keys in the car. This can be avoided by always placing your car keys in your purse, wallet or pocket. To avoid leaving them on the seat, always try to hold them once you remove them from the ignition. An important tip is also using a brightly colored key chain.


Have a spare key made

This is a good option to prevent locking yourself out of your car. Once you have your spare key made, always make sure you have easy access to them. The spare keys should be stored in other safe places other than your car. Keeping them at home in an easily accessible place is a good idea.


Subscribe yourself to online services that deal with car emergency issues

These services offer a variety of services such as security and navigation and other vehicle-related emergencies. They also offer services which have the ability to unlock your car remotely. These services come with their apps, therefore, you can access the services from your smart phone and be able to unlock your car.


Use fob to lock the doors

Instead of using the car keys to lock the car, you can use the fob on the key to lock the door. This is an easy option and just makes sure you use the buttons on the key to lock the door.


Have a locksmith’s number

This is a final option and comes in handy when you lock your car keys in the car. You can have the locksmith’s number programmed into your phone or in your contact book. Therefore help is only a phone call away.


With these tips, you will be assured that you will not lock your car keys in your car.

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