We are the pretty pickles of the galaxy. The Nostradamus of the stars. The crazy’s behind the culture. Okay, so we are really just average people trying to get ahead in life. Can’t really complain though! Life is great on our side of the planet, but there is no sense in stopping that now. Let’s move it forward some, push the bar up, and see what we can do next.

If you have landed on our blog, then you are here for a reason. A very specific reason in which only you can answer. And we would love to know what that answer is! Why in the world are you here? Please tell us…pretty please, with a pickle on top? That’s kinda weird. Trust me there will be no pickles thrown around here.

So just don’t sit there, snoop around! See what you can find. If you have a chance, contact us here! We would love to know who has visitedĀ our domain.

Okay, now Y’allĀ take care now!

Picture of a woman blowing bubbles.
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