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When your toilet is overflowing you can live in your house tense and worried it’s overflowing or you can step up to the plate and do something about it. This overflow is mostly caused by blockage or an error in the tank float mechanism that usually regulates water flow. When you want to stop the overflowing of your toilet, make sure you consider ways that will stop it from overflowing in the future as well…just a little tip for success 😉

In case the overflowing is caused by a clog you can use a plunger to remove the clog hence stop the overflowing water? A plunger is a plumbing tool used to remove clogs. You align your rubber cup of your toilet plunger over to the center of the toilet bowl hole. Then apply the downward pressure on it slowly by slowly then increase the speed and intensity by the end of this the plunger will have dislodged the clogs and allow water to go through the plumbing.

Removal of your tank cover

Make sure you lift your float cup high so as to avoid overflowing of water to remove the tank covers. Turn off your water supply unit that is located near the water heater. Make sure you turn the knob until the water stops flowing. When we turn off the water it may immediately stop flowing in case the problem was either a clog or a sewer backup.


Turning off the toilet supply

The water supply of a toilet is found near the bottom side of the toilet bowl. That place also has a knob at the bottom, make sure you turn it counterclockwise to stop the water from running to the toilet.


You can decide to remove the overflowing water by using a cup or bucket if you are super serious about getting it done like, right now, by yourself. Dispose the water into the drainage disposal if the water is dirty. If it’s clean you can pour it in a bucket and use it later for cleaning or you can flush the dirty water in your toilet to ensure safe disposal. It’s totally up to you. Actually, go water your plants with it.


When your clog cannot be removed using a plunger you are advised to use a toilet auger to fish out the foreign materials and small animals that could possibly be swimming in your poop. Make sure the auger is inserted deeply into the toilet hole. Then turn the auger as you apply gentle pressure on the other end of it to release the snacking portion. Once you feel a pressure or a resistance that all clogs are removed you and pull the auger out of your toilet hole.


You can decide to reset the mechanism of your float so that it sits lower in the tank to prevent your tank from causing the overflowing water of your toilet. Make sure you don’t tangle with the chain that is attached to the float.


Make sure when doing all this process you put a pair of rubber gloves or the disposable gloves and you got the toilet plunger and the toilet auger.


When you have tried all the above and still your toilet is overflowing you can decide to contact a plumber so that he can examine both your internal and external plumbing vents if in case the overflow is continuous and does not stop despite your little efforts.


Check your septic tank regularly and make sure the system is pumped frequently.


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