Tips For Choosing Landscape Plants For Your Hardscape

Having a home built to your preferences appears like one of the most difficult attempts, but making decisions regarding the outdoors could prove more challenging. Apart from the fact that you could have the best team of landscape designers, you need to also engage your creativity to help give the landscape of your home an attractive view.


Picture of landscaping plants for property owners.
Unique Landscape Plants


This can be done easily if you could understand how to marry plants with your hardscape, and you will find it interesting because you need to play with different plant species to choose the ones that most perfectly complement your hardscape and compound at large. To help you pursue this process, here are tips you could focus on to assist you when choosing the type of plants to include in your home landscape remodeling.


Know something about plant colorsĀ 

The color is what catches the eye when someone first steps in your compound, and this is one element of remodeling you should play with carefully. The focus when working with colors is to achieve harmony and prevent creating conflict between the hardscape and the plants. If your idea is to have a colorful pathway or garden, you should at least settle for a theme color that should guide you on your other choices. Remember having too many different colors could disrupt the harmony you would need to achieve when you remodel your compound to give the hardscape a better visual appeal.


How about soil, sunlight, and weather?

These might not appear very important, but upon looking into them you will see that you also need to choose plants that can withstand the kind of weather and sunlight your area experiences. Also, ensure the plant is favorable to the soil to ensure it remains healthy year round. These are parameters you might ignore, and the hardest reality is that you cannot adjust them as you wish, so the only solution you have is to go for those plants that can thrive perfectly under the conditions present in your area.


Consider landscape trees

If you have concrete retaining walls or pavers and would like to disrupt the design using some plants, you could fare well with landscape trees. The trick here is to place them in a sequence to achieve a pattern that flatters the wall or pavers, so some creativity would do in this case. One of the benefits you will get when you choose landscape trees is that they are able to keep their foliage even during the winter season. When choosing which trees to use, consider leaf size, color and height as well as width.


Perennial plantsĀ 

Landscaping is diverse and adding perennial plants could help you decorate spaces that appear small. Your pathways also need to look good and you could exploit this opportunity to give them a makeover, but ensure the placement of the plants is in groups to achieve an overall texture. For perennial plants, you need to check their flowers to know how they would look, and this also helps you to know if the color would match the theme around your home. The other idea you could use is to combine different types of perennial plants to get different types of flowers during different seasons.

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